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In 2010 Shelby and Shannon Gray first visited Lake Paradise Resort and fell in love. The beautiful and peaceful atmosphere was just perfect for a family camping trip. Having just bought a camper, the location was perfect for a weekend getaway, especially being so close to home.


Over the next few years the Gray family visited often and were sadly disappointed to see the amazing property fall into disrepair. During that time, a dream was planted in their hearts to someday buy Lake Paradise and restore it to its former glory. For 9 years they dreamt of what they would do, and made lists, plans and prayed. 

In 2019, God provided the Grays the financial resources they needed to purchase Lake Paradise and gave them His vision for this amazing property.

It is Shelby and Shannon's dream to bring back good old fashioned fun at the property. Think family fun from the 70's and 80's (when the property was built)

You shouldn't need WiFi to have fun! This amazing resort is all about quality family time and looking at each other in the face and reconnecting.

The Gray family believes with all their hearts that Lake Paradise Resort is meant to bring people closer together, restore families, and honor God. 

There is something for everyone at Lake Paradise. From Fishing, to hiking, to bike riding, to kayaking, to swimming, to mini-golf, to shopping, to weddings, to basketball, to volleyball and everything in between, the resort is all about families.

The Gray family understands and cherishes the memories of the past Lake Paradise and wants to encourage lifelong memories for years to come.

"Our mission is to make everyone feel like they are a guest in our own backyard", say the Grays.

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